Helpful Intervention Articles

Here are some articles that you might find helpful as you consider intervention, addiction, and the process of recovery.
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Muddy Waters: The Ethics of the Kickback – Hayes Davidson
The concept is simple: interventionists and treatment providers work for their clients using the highest ethical standards to ensure that they receive the most appropriate and beneficial treatment possible. And yet somewhere along the way, the waters became muddied.
A Recovery Journey – Ben Spencer
A young man shares his battle with addiction, and his brave journey back to sobriety.
A Sister’s Story – Kelsey Bowlby
A compelling story written by the older sister of a 20 year old victim of a methadone overdose, and her family’s determination to make a difference in the fight against adolescent drug addiction.
The Set Up: Living With Addiction – Tian Dayton
Families where addiction is present are oftentimes painful to live in, which is why those who live with addiction are oftentimes traumatized to varying degrees by the experience. Broad swings, from one end of the emotional, psychological and behavioral spectrum to the other, all too often characterize the addicted family system.
Why an Alcoholic Family System Loses Its Balance – by Tian Dayton
Those among us who have lived with the mess and mayhem of addiction understand how it feels to live in a family that has lost its rudder. It’s disquieting, deregulating and can chip away at our ability to live in emotional and psychological balance. Recent research in neuroscience is shedding an intriguing light on just why this might be so.
Why Don’t They “Just Stop”? – by Mary McAllister
Left untreated, addiction is primary, progressive and chronic. It affects behavior, thinking and moods. Changes in appearance, hiding feelings, minimizing use, unpredictability, denial and lying are all part of the disease.
Rehab Reality Check – by Jerry Adler
An interesting article about traditional treatment centers, methods of treatment, and the development of a pill for alcoholism.
NIDA Unveils Its First Consumer Publication to Explain the Science of Addiction
The National Institute on Drug Abuse has just released a publication entitled the “Science of Addiction” with the goal of reducing the stigma against addictive disorders by explaining the disease of drug addiction through scientific information.