How It works

If you are now ready to get into action give me a call for an appointment, at which time we will discuss who should be present at the first meeting. Everyone has, what I call, pieces to the puzzle.

When we meet we will look at those pieces and if we agree there is a serious issue, then using an intervention model we will strategize next steps. Decisions are by consensus. I like to operate on the basis that you and the others are the "experts" on your loved one and I have the expertise on Intervention and addiction. So pulling our collective information together we basically design an intervention specific to your loved one. This meeting is an actual intervention training to cover all the aspects of doing a successful intervention. It's educational in format and will take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours long. I intend to give you a clearer picture of how we can effectively help your loved one and to answer all your questions. With all the information at hand it will assist you deciding whether or not to go forward.

The intervention is not just for your loved one but also for you to get free of the pain of someone else's addiction.